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Making friends as an adult isn’t something any of us are really prepared for. In school we are encouraged to make friends with our classmates, and when we go off to university, we go through the process again. But then, you’ve found your friendship group and you’re set for life, right? Wrong. What happens when everybody grows up, moves to different areas and begins a hectic schedule of adulthood?

While there are people that remain close with their friendship groups from school, not all of us are that lucky. Having moved back to where I studied my degree recently, where everyone I originally knew had left, I found myself having to start over and trying to figure out, how do you make new friends as a twenty-something woman?

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As a way to encourage myself to try new things and meet new people, I decided to begin trapeze classes (I’m about six months in, and still no closer to being remotely graceful). Although this was definitely scary and made me feel like I was back at school, doing the god-awful ‘ice breaker’ introductions and bonding over how flippin’ difficult the moves were, worked wonders. It definitely challenged me to come out of my shell and even though it still sometimes makes me feel like a nervous wreck, I feel so much more confident after a class.

If your main goal is to meet new people, I would avoid joining classes that aren’t very social and purely just for exercise. Try and find a fun class that encourages social interaction such as dancing , aerial exercise or pole fitness.

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Work is one of the best ways to make new friends but when I started a new job, I found a few people I connected with but I wasn’t sure how to transition from colleagues to friends. Of course there are work-dos but these only tend to happen a couple of times a year.

From my experience, you almost have to treat it like you would a romantic interest. Swap numbers. Follow them on Instagram. Ask them on a friend date. You may feel like a bit of a loser but you’ll never move past the ‘acquaintance-zone’ if you don’t take a chance. Like romantic dates, some might work out, whereas some might not.

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I still have a handful of people from my childhood that I like to catch up with every now and then, but there is usually at least a 6 month gap between each brunch date because as mentioned earlier, we live in different cities or time just seems to pass us by.

However, I find that sometimes you just need to make that extra effort, commit to a date in the near future, and travel to see the other. Maybe you could take the travelling in turns? Maybe one could pay for the travel while the other person covers lunch? It is definitely worth it as I always feel such joy when I have had a 4 hour natter with old friends about the good ol’ days and what they’ve been up to recently (over coffee and cake of course).

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I have a long way to go before I find my group of ‘gal pals’ but I’m definitely getting there. I think there is no way around it, to make friends as an adult you need to put yourself out there and try not to worry about what people think of you. You would be surprised at how many others find themselves in these situations.


























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I’m not always one to splurge on the fashion trend of the moment because more often than not, it is forgotten about in just a few months time. However, sometimes a trend struts in and grabs my attention. For the last few seasons, animal print has done just that. Unlike most others, animal print has been around for decades, with people like Debbie Harry, Mel B and Edie Sedgwick making it iconic. But recently, it has been EVERYWHERE and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

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As somebody who has loved animal print for years, my wardrobe was already home to a pair of zebra print mule shoes, a leopard print jumper, snake print ankle boots and these FANTASTIC red leopard heels. I don’t think I have ever worn these babies without having tons of compliments thrown my way. I got these a few years ago on my birthday after finding the last pair, which were in my size and it just felt like fate. Whenever I need to add a touch of VA-VA-VOOM to an outfit, I know I can count on these.


Now, when it came to buying a new animal print item, I looked around to figure out what I felt like my wardrobe was missing. With so many fabulous choices on the market, I wanted to wait for the right piece and not get carried away by purchasing items I wouldn’t still love when the novelty eventually wears off.

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When I found this coat, I knew it was the one. I have always loved the idea of a leopard print faux fur coat but I had never seen it done with cheetah print before. I felt like this added a fresh take to something quite classic (and done a million times over). This jacket is huggably soft, but it is fairly thin so I would recommend layering up with a jumper underneath. However, I can’t wait to rock this in Spring with a t-shirt and jeans.

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This striking jacket can definitely speak for itself, which is why I chose to wear it with a plain black jumpsuit. But to add even more sass, I decided to clash it with my beloved leopard print heels. This is the perfect outfit for a date night or for going out for cocktails with the girls. For more casual occasions, swap the heels for some classic black Chelsea boots.

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Although I wouldn’t recommend buying a whole new wardrobe in every animal print imaginable, I would hop on this trend train! There are so many stunning pieces available at the moment that would be a shame to miss out on. This trend will probably die down eventually but animal print has been a beloved aspect of fashion for years and I suspect this will remain the same for a good while longer.

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This time last year I was sat at home working from the sofa, with a cat to my left, and a tin of biscuits to my right. Sounds bliss right? Some people may have wondered why I gave this up to go back to working a 9-5 job in an office but like any  work situation, there are perks and downsides. If you are wondering which scenario you would prefer and need a bit of advice, read on to find out my pros and cons for working at home as a freelancer and working full-time in an office.

Working from home : PROS

– You have a lot of freedom and can work at your own pace
– You have a constant supply of food (assuming your kitchen is also filled with cheese and chocolate)
– You don’t need to make an effort with your appearance
– You can get super cosy with blankets and pyjamas
– You can do your household chores on your lunch break
– There is no work commute
– If it’s a nice day, you can take your work into the garden
– You always have control over the music choice
– If you have pets, you can take a quick cuddle break
– You can choose to work from a café.
– You may find that the work is more creative and versatile when freelancing.

Working from home: CONS

– It is hard to stay motivated without a boss breathing down your neck.
– You might get into the habit of overeating, and not moving.
– Not having to put makeup on or wear smart clothes can affect your self-esteem and make you struggle to get in work mode.
– It is very easy to get distracted by the TV, housework, pets, music, staring into space…
– Not speaking to people on a daily basis can make you WEIRD.
– You may worry about the future of your work stability.
– Dealing with self-employed tax stuff is very confusing and if you’re anything like me, (bad at maths), you’ll need to hire an accountant.
– You may end up spending all of your earnings on coffee and pastries by working in cafés.

Working from office: PROS

– You can experiment with workwear and feel like a boss bitch.
– You are always around people, making it much easier to socialise.
– You have much more structure, making it easier to stay motivated and not get distracted.
– You don’t need to worry about tax and invoices.
– When you leave the office you can fully switch off, which isn’t always possible if your home is your workplace.
– You’ll have a steady income.
– You get a set amount of paid holidays (including bank holidays) – which isn’t a benefit for self-employed peeps.
– Support from management

Working from office: CONS

– You have to put up with your colleague’s god-awful music taste.
– When you’re tired, you still have to be on the ball.
– You have to look presentable even when you can’t be bothered.
– I luckily don’t have a long commute, but I have before and it SUCKS!
– There isn’t as much flexibility to your schedule.
– It is frowned upon to show up to work in pyjamas and wrapped in a duvet. Who knew?
– The only time you have to do personal errands is in the evening or weekends.
– Less control over the work you do

There you have it! My pros and cons for working from an office or home. I have enjoyed both situations but at the moment, working from an office with more structure, stability and support is better for me. However, for a lot of people, the benefits of working from home outweighs the cons. If you would like some advice to help overcome the drawbacks of freelancing, read my post here.