The rainstorm that is January is finally over. This year it hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt the blues more than I ever have before. But we’ve made it to February. Although it isn’t that much better, as it’s still bitterly cold and my bank is still crying from my Christmas shopping, I feel a little bit lighter.

I decided not to set resolutions this year and give myself any big or small goals to reach within 12 months. But I wanted to take a moment to appreciate a few small things that I’m currently grateful for, to encourage myself to be more positive so I can take a few steps towards the exit of this winter slump.


For the past couple of years I’ve got into the habit of reading more regularly and I’m loving it. Sitting in a cute cafe, with a flat white while devouring a romance novel is one of my favourite things to do. Next on my list is Our Stop and I can’t wait!


After watching Drag Race UK I decided to start watching the US version and wow, I am obsessed. So far, I’ve seen series 4-7 and I just can’t get enough. Singing along to Sissy That Walk and Covergirl when the queens are strutting on the runway gives me life.


My sister recently got herself the cutest and tiniest kitten in the world. Getting cuddles from her or seeing photos of her mischievous face instantly puts a smile on my face.



Listening to light-hearted and funny podcasts is my new favourite way to start the day as I get ready for work. My current favourites are Teenage Mixtape and The Fringe of it.


I’ve always enjoyed adding colour to my outfits but I’ve recently been experimenting with colourful eye makeup. I’m not very skilled when it comes to make-up so I tend to stick to just one colour to create a bold and striking look. Sometimes I’ll include a metallic shade but when the eyeshadow is as vibrant as this lime green, I don’t think it really needs much else. I love how this pop of colour really elevates my monochrome outfit and gives it an edge.

Although it’s great to strive for the big life milestones, sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference to your day-to-day mood and, for that reason, should be celebrated! I hope this encourages you to do the same. What’s your favourite part of the day? What’s making the working week go a bit quicker?

Author: Christina Jane

I have been obsessed with clothes since I can remember. I started this blog to share my styling tips, my thoughts on fashion trends and what inspires my outfit choices. I also utilise my skills as a professional writer to create think-posts that explore the lessons I've learnt through my twenties, offer up advice, and to spread joy.

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