When it comes to summer, I think it can be pretty tricky to remain stylish in this scorching weather. It is so easy to opt for beachwear, that usually only makes an appearance when you are on holiday and to stay far away from anything that may be too hot or restricting. However, with the help of a summer staple piece, I think you can definitely put a fashionable outfit together that will help keep you cool at the same time.


I think it is safe to say that us Brits don’t really expect a hot summer anymore which is why most of us were so surprised when we got hit by a heatwave. After years of disappointing weather, I haven’t had to stray too far away from my spring and autumn outfits. So, when it got to a scorching 28 degrees last week, I definitely felt unprepared and wasn’t sure how to dress nicely for this unbelievable sunshine.


I am usually all for sunny days but when you are wearing the wrong clothes it can get very uncomfortable. Unless I am on a beach, in a bikini and sipping a mojito, this scorching heat is just a bit too much for me. However, I definitely didn’t want to sit around complaining about this glorious weather we have been blessed with so I decided to just go with it and find some clothes I could work with a bit better.


When I came across these gorgeous shorts I knew they would be PERFECT for a cute summer outfit. They are ideal for keeping me cool thanks to the silky light material that also adds a touch of luxury to my outfit. The delicious ice-cream green colour and polka dot print is an added bonus if you are keen to keep up with the summer’s hottest trends. I don’t usually wear shorts as I find it pretty difficult to find any that suit my pear-shaped figure. However, I love how these flow smoothly over my curves and cover the larger part of my figure while tucking me in at the waist.


I decided to keep this ensemble fairly simple by pairing the shorts with a white cami top, so that the shorts were kept as the outfit’s key focus. However, with the shoes I decided to add a spot of glamour by wearing a pair of black crocodile print heels. If you wanted to wear some shoes that are a bit more comfortable and casual, you could easily swap out the heels for a pair of mules, wedges or espadrilles. I completed this look with a classic black handbag and a simple long necklace. I felt effortlessly chic in this outfit and was able to stay out in the sunshine without feeling unbearable toasty.


This outfit is so versatile and would be great for going to a BBQ, going out for drinks in the sunshine, taking a short stroll and you could even wear it to work if you traded the cami top for a smart white shirt. These shorts can be dressed down or up depending on what you pair it with, making it the perfect summer piece.


I’m sure the hot weather will come and go this summer, I’m not going to be unrealistic and expect it to stay until we hit September but I think it is best to be prepared so when it does return, I can just go into my wardrobe and throw on my trusty pair of shorts to create the perfect summer outfit.

Author: Christina Jane

I have been obsessed with clothes since I can remember. I started this blog to share my styling tips, my thoughts on fashion trends and what inspires my outfit choices. I also utilise my skills as a professional writer to create think-posts that explore the lessons I've learnt through my twenties, offer up advice, and to spread joy.

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  1. Those shorts are so cute and stylish! Love this look 🙂 I am also always so unprepared for summer. I always have too much winter/fall clothing and pay such little attention to a good summer wardrobe. I think Dutch summers are quite similar to the ones in the UK haha xx

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