Ever since I began my career as a journalist I have felt like an imposter. I questioned whether I was good enough and didn’t think that I belonged. I felt like I had somehow ‘snuck in’ and worried that one day somebody would ‘find out’, tap me on the shoulder and tell me to leave. Even when I had successes I assumed it was just a fluke and that it couldn’t possibly happen again, even though it did. Self-doubt and insecurities have gotten the best of me far too many times but I think it is time I put a stop to this.


For a while I thought I was the only one feeling this way but I have recently learnt that the majority of us are going through this and that there is a name for it, imposter syndrome. This causes people to find it hard to praise themselves or accept compliments after accomplishing an achievement (although I’m not sure if this is just a British thing).


To overcome this daunting feeling it is important to remind yourself that you have had a part to play in your successes. You did that. Nobody else… and that is why you are where you are. This doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes but that doesn’t discredit everything positive you have done, or make you a fraud.


I think we can sometimes forget that nobody really knows what they’re doing and everybody is just making it up as they go along… it’s just that some people are more convincing than others. If you speak to your colleagues, friends and family members you will probably be surprised at how many of them are just ‘winging it’ and feeling like an imposter themselves.

There is also a long list of extremely successful celebrities such as Tina Fey, Emma Watson and Michelle Pfieffer, who have openly talked about struggling with imposter syndrome too. For a long time I was trying to hide that I felt this way but I think the more I talk about it, the easier it will be to overcome.

When I first began feeling like this, I decided to act confident and not let anybody know that I was unsure of myself. Now this is something I do if I am ever in a situation where I feel like I am out of my depth and most of the time, I’ve realised that I do know what I’m talking about and it was just making myself believe it.


Something else that always helps me overcome this feeling, is of course, wearing a killer outfit. This dress is PERFECT for making me feel sexy, confident and in some way, powerful. Heeled boots are also my go-to for giving me some added sass. I feel like this outfit is still classy and sophisticated but wherever you show up wearing this, everyone will know you mean business (especially if you throw a blazer over it).


Do you also struggle with imposter syndrome and if so, do you have any tips to help overcome it? x

Author: Christina Jane

I have been obsessed with clothes since I can remember. I started this blog to share my styling tips, my thoughts on fashion trends and what inspires my outfit choices. I also utilise my skills as a professional writer to create think-posts that explore the lessons I've learnt through my twenties, offer up advice, and to spread joy.

2 thoughts

  1. I loved this piece! I started my own business last month, I sell my handcrafted bee inspired jewellery to anywhere in the world but I have felt this imposter syndrome you describe! That feeling of dread about ‘being found out’ as a fraud is sickening! Thanks for writing this! Have an awesome day and I love your style 😉 xx

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    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad it isn’t just me and you could relate to it.

      Wow, congrats on starting your own business, I have just taken a sneaky look at your site and I love your jewellery. I will definitely be keeping it in mind when I am looking for something new xxx


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