For the past couple of weeks I have decided to take a bit of a break from blogging after beginning to lose some of my inspiration. I was struggling to come up with new content that I was excited about and instead of just posting anything and everything I chose to refresh my batteries and come back with a bang.


I have to admit that some of the things causing this slump were my stats and numbers. I have always been the one to say, ‘don’t worry about the numbers and just do you’ but.. it can be hard to not let it get to you sometimes. Over the past month or so I have noticed a pretty heavy drop in engagement and followers on social media which can be pretty disheartening when you are trying so hard to achieve a certain goal or milestone. Not only that but I was getting very discouraged by the fluctuation in my blog stats. Some were doing well and others weren’t at all but I couldn’t find any connection to the ones that were more successful.. so I had no idea how to improve.


However, after having a little break I have come to realise that I lost sight of why I started my blog. I wanted to do it because I enjoyed it. It was that simple. I love writing and having full creative freedom of what content I create. Of course it is exciting to think that one day this could become more than just a hobby but I need to stop making this my ultimate goal. When I began doubting myself because of the results, I was wondering whether I should even continue blogging and thought, what is the point? However, this made me feel completely rubbish. I don’t want to stop and the moment I began planning future posts I started feeling more positive and more like myself because my little blog is what brings me joy.


It is SO easy to let your insecurities and doubts get in the way of what makes you happy but at the end of the day, if it is what you are passionate about and you enjoy it, does it matter if you succeed or not? From now on, I am going to try my best to not focus on my stats or social media engagement/numbers because that isn’t what matters. If I write a blog post that doesn’t do that well.. but I enjoyed the creative process… that is all that matters to me. I just need to keep reminding myself of this.

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I have found a few things that have really helped inspire me and get my blogging mojo back including, reading other bloggers’ posts such as Alice’s amazing blog, reading fashion related books and listening to podcasts with amazing people (at the minute I am loving Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place and The Fringe Of It).


This may sound a little conceited but another thing that has helped motivate me is going back to my old blog posts. Sometimes there is no better person to give you advice than yourself. If you are a blogger and losing a bit of motivation, maybe you could also give this a try and if you’re not, why not start a journal or read through old diaries? I often find there is no better way to overcome something than writing it down. Another way I have motivated myself was looking at how far I have come in just seven months of blogging. Sometimes I think we get so bogged down with what we haven’t yet achieved, we forget about what we have achieved.


Something else that really inspires me is checking out the latest fashion trends and high street looks, of course this isn’t something I can’t do all the time (even though I wish I could) but buying a new outfit like this DEFINITELY has helped me get my mojo back.


This bag is an absolute beauty that I have been eyeing up for such a long time and I simply could not resist purchasing it when it was put in the sale. It is such a statement piece but I also think it is great for everyday looks. I also splurged a little on these shoes from the Converse X Miley collection as I am a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan. I love how the glitter makes these white trainers a really fun pair of shoes. This skirt is also a new item in my wardrobe (I know… I went a little bit crazy) as I think this shape really flatters my figure and I can definitely see myself getting my money’s worth out of this staple item.


If you do normally ready my blog I do apologise for being absent for a little bit but I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Do you have any ways of finding your inspiration if you seem to have lost it? If so, please let me know in the comments I would love to hear your suggestions. x

Author: Christina Jane

I have been obsessed with clothes since I can remember. I started this blog to share my styling tips, my thoughts on fashion trends and what inspires my outfit choices. I also utilise my skills as a professional writer to create think-posts that explore the lessons I've learnt through my twenties, offer up advice, and to spread joy.

6 thoughts

  1. Hey Christina,

    I’ve been feeling the same… particularly obsessing over numbers that constantly fluctuate. I love the idea of looking back on blog posts your proud of, or other successes, I’m off to think more about that now.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

    Sarah x

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  2. It’s great you find inspiration again! Don’t worry too much about numbers, you’ve just started your blogging journey! I find inspiration in a lot of places, reading, scrolling through social media, visiting online shops, watching YouTube videos… and when I have an idea about a post I write it down in my bullet journal and work a while on it to develope it.

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