Now that spring has finally made an appearance – I think this is the perfect time for a fresh start. After a couple of challenging years followed by an extremely tough winter, I feel like I am finally able to move forward. I have said goodbye to old jobs and hello to new opportunities and I am also very close to finally moving into my very own flat. Not everybody likes change and often dread the thought of everything you know becoming totally different in the near future. However, even though it can be scary I do believe it is a good thing. It is good to mix things up a bit, to challenge yourself and avoid becoming too comfortable in a situation that doesn’t make you happy.

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As well as changing jobs and living situations, over the past few months I have said goodbye to people that were only bringing negativity into my life, which I discussed more here. Now that I have a set plan in motion, I feel like I can properly move forward from unsettling memories and negative vibes that have been floating over my head. However, not only am I saying goodbye to several things, I am also welcoming so much more and entering into my next chapter *excuse the cliche*.

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As well as making a fresh start in my life, spring feels like the perfect time for a wardrobe clear-out. I don’t know about you but I get so attached to my clothes. It can be so hard for me to throw things away because I often associate them with memories. However, I realised that in order to truly begin a fresh start, I didn’t want to bring too many items with me that reminded me of my past.

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I have owned several outfits that I love but haven’t worn in a long time because they are tainted with a bad memory. I kept them in my wardrobe for YEARS. Every time I looked at them I was instantly reminded of a horrible argument or negative people. But, I loved the clothes so I just kept them hanging in my wardrobe. Even though, it is only a dress or a playsuit, keeping something that is a reminder of a negative experience, will only bring you down… which is the opposite of what a cute outfit should do. It sounds silly but it can be hard to throw away a beloved dress you love but if you have something like this too, it just isn’t worth keeping.


I decided to have a huge clear out and I managed to fill an entire bin bag of clothes. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult but I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now there is plenty of room in my wardrobe to fill it with clothes that will make me feel like a brand new version of myself… which is also a perfect excuse to go shopping.

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I’ve learnt that if a big decision gives you butterflies and makes you feel excited and scared all at the same time, it is the right thing to do. It is easy to romanticise something that didn’t make you happy – because it is ending. However, once you are out of that situation I’m sure you will realise that you made the right decision.